Bug tracking made stupid easy

More advanced than Post-it notes, less complicated than Team System. We've stripped the bloat from traditional bug tracking systems and dramatically simplified the whole mess.

Project managers in search of "due dates", "estimated man hours", and TPS reports look elsewhere. Fresh Logic Studios Bugs tracks only the necessary information you need. No more. No less.

It's amazing what a difference this makes.

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AJAX user interface keeps things deadly fast and always up to date.



Automatically receive emails when new bugs are added. Quickly email a bug to a friend or colleague to update them about changes.

Invite friends or colleagues to join you


Send invitations for friends or colleagues to join you, or request an invitation to join someone else.



Stay up to date on your bugs in the convience of your favorite RSS enabled application.

Actions speak louder than words


Want to take her for a test drive?

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