GPS Web Service API

You supply a GPS device position, we'll keep track of its whereabouts and show you its location in real-time. Here how it works...

  1. Sign in and register your GPS device. We'll give you a unique ID for up to ten GPS devices.
  2. Periodically send us the position of the GPS device using our Web Service API.
  3. Sign in to Atlas, select GPS from the services menu, and track your GPS devices in real-time. View the demo.

The Atlas GPS Device Web Service API can be invoked using SOAP, HTTP POST, or HTTP GET. For more details, view the documentation or download an example.

HTTP GET: C# Example

var uri = new StringBuilder("");

uri.AppendFormat("?email={0}", "");
uri.AppendFormat("&password={0}", "bigboy");
uri.AppendFormat("&gpsDeviceId={0}", "12345678-90ab-cdef-ghij-klmnopqrstuv");
uri.AppendFormat("&latitude={0}", "43.75");
uri.AppendFormat("&longitude={0}", "-99.71");
uri.AppendFormat("&altitude={0}", "1000.0");
uri.AppendFormat("&heading={0}", "360.0");
uri.AppendFormat("&speed={0}", "55.0");
uri.AppendFormat("&notes={0}", "User defined data (i.e. Temperature is  67 F)");
    var httpWebRequest = (System.Net.HttpWebRequest)System.Net.HttpWebRequest.Create(uri.ToString());
catch (Exception ex)